Heating Portland

We Understand the Importance of Home Heating in Portland

Winters can be harsh in the Northwest, and heating that Portland homeowners can rely on is important. Ensuring your existing heating system is running optimally, or your new heating system is correctly fitted for your property is paramount to staying warm consistently! At All Time Heating LLC, we provide complete heating services for your home and business.

Choosing the appropriate heating system

Our technicians are heating experts. Whether you’re receiving a brand new installation or replacing an ailing unit, we can help you find the right heating system. There are many fuel types and system styles used in Portland residences.

Small rural homes can get by on propane or oil fueled units, whereas larger homes find electricity or natural gas more practical and cost effective. We’ll identify the fuel type that will provide you with the lowest cost before considering the distribution system.

Enjoy affordable heating installation and replacements

Heating in Portland by All Time Heating LLC

  • Furnaces: Efficiency falls into three categories and can range from the high 70’s to mid 90’s in efficiency percentage. This is one of the most common options in Portland.
  • Boilers: Newer boilers are required to have at least an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 80%. Older units can be costly with ratings as low as 50% and should be replaced.
  • Electric Heat Pumps: These are incredibly energy efficient options and provide a complete heating and cooling solution. Retrofits are an option for most buildings.

Heating Repair and Maintenance

The average life of these units is anywhere from 14 – 20 years. Depending on how you treat it your unit may last even longer. We provide complete heating maintenance services that extend your heating system life and catch problems early.

When you suffer from heating problems, we provide diagnosis and are often able to provide repairs on the spot. Our experienced heating and air conditioning contractors carry the necessary equipment and most common parts necessary to get you running again.

Being cold indoors is awful! Call us for heating in Portland today!

Put the blankets away and call us when you need heating service in Portland. We help you find the best options for replacement or installation as well as advice on cost and energy efficiency.

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